Understand our metrics and measurements

Social Impact

Enterprise Development

Individual Development

Theory of change

The Global Good Fund’s theory of change is that investing in the leadership development of an entrepreneur focused on social impact will result in enterprise growth and, ultimately, exponential social impact.

Monitoring Process

360 MIRROR, Leadership Assessment

We take a baseline evaluation of the Fellow’s leadership skills, enterprise state, and current social impact with our 360 MIRROR Assessment.

Leadership Development Plan

Each Fellow partners with a Leadership Development Coach to create a personalize Leadership Development Plan.

Quarterly Tracking

We track leadership goals, enterprise growth, and social impact quarterly throughout the 12- to 15-month program.

End of Fellowship 360 retake to determine growth

As the Fellow finishes the Program, he/she retakes the 360 MIRROR to evaluate improvement in leadership skills.

Track core indicators annually

We track core indicators annually and each Fellow retakes the 360 MIRROR again 1, 3, 5, and 10 years post-Fellowship to assess long-term impact of our leadership development investment.

Quarterly Report Dashboard

We capture quarterly growth progress in reports and review personal data trends with each Fellow.  We hold the Fellow accountable to improve his/her leadership based on the data.