The Women's Leadership Program

Developing the Leadership Skills of Female Social Entrepreneurs


Across the globe, women and girls face unique cultural and socioeconomic challenges, not limited to education access, employment opportunities, maternal health, gender-based discrimination, and violence. Who better to solve these challenges than those closest to the problem: women.


The Global Good Fund has created The Women’s Leadership Program to provide female entrepreneurs access to leadership development. In 2019, this program will launch to serve our growing pipeline of qualified female candidates.


Why women? In 2016, only 54% of female founders had access to senior leaders who served as mentors or informal sponsors in their career. Women entrepreneurs also receive just over 2% of investor and venture capital funding. We recognize that these leaders face greater barriers than their male counterparts resulting in untapped pools of innovation that might hold the solution to these grand challenges.


Will you help us to better support the specific needs of these female founders?




Meet Our Female Leaders

Makeda Ricketts

Makeda is the Founder and CEO of PinkThink, a for-profit social enterprise that creates fun, engaging, and social mobile games for (S)cience, (T)echnology, (E)ngineering, (M)ath for tween girls ages 8-14. PinkThink teaches girls to create cStyle Bracelets, an innovative wearable that girls can code to change colors based on ambient light and body temperature. PinkThink previously won the Yale School of Management’s Education Business Plan Competition. Makeda was also named Maker of the Year by the International Ally Awards.

Dr. Iffat Aga

Dr. Iffat Aga is the Co-founder and Chief Development Officer of Sehat Kahani, a Pakistini-based company democratizing healthcare with an all-female health provider networks that delivers quality healthcare solutions using telehealth communications. They have treated over 40,000 patients at their 14 clinics. Via telehealth, they have trained 500 female doctors who were previously unemployed and reached over 400,000 women and children in underprivileged communities.

Leadership Program Elements

360° Assessment

We administer the 360 MIRROR, leadership assessment tool ​designed specifically for social entrepreneurs to ​ deriv​e​ feedback from their board, staff, peers, and stakeholders as well as the Leader. The Leader will retake the leadership assessment at the end of The Program and then 1, 3, 5, and 10 years post Leadership Program to track his/her growth.

Leadership Development Plan

The results of the 360 MIRROR are used by each Leader with his/her Leadership Development Coach (​LDC). The LDC serves as an executive coach. The 360 MIRROR data points combined with one-on-one LDC interactions over 3 months result in each Leader creating a personalized Leadership Development Plan (LDP).

Executive Mentoring

Each Leader is paired with an Executive Mentor who is an established business or non-profit leader. The Leader-Mentor relationship spans nine months with the goal of implementing the LDP and leveraging the Mentor's leadership insights​. Leader-Mentor check-ins occur every two to three weeks​ through virtual meetings. The Leader-Mentor relationship may continue after The Program if the Leader and Executive Mentor so choose.

Annual Summit

Leaders participate in an annual Global Good Fund Summit each spring. This 4-day event provides a platform for networking between Leaders, LDCs, ​Coaches, Alumni, and The Global Good Fund staff. The Summit provides a curated leadership development experience for each Leader.

Targeted Funds

Each Leader receives a leadership development grant of up to $10,000. These funds are used explicitly for LDP implementation and leadership development with a special focus on experiential learning.








Peer and Subject Matter Expert Network

Leaders are part of a global cohort of social entrepreneurs. The Global Good Fund facilitates regular interaction among the Leaders. Leaders are encouraged to engage each other, Alumni, and Content Experts in tackling leadership development challenges. The Global Good Fund intentionally connects Leaders with Content Experts to address specific functional, sector, or geographic issues faced by each Leader.