Making Social Enterprise & Impact My Commitment by Kevin Iraheta

Posted by globalgoodfund on Feb. 23, 2017

During the summer of 2013, I listened to Carrie Rich speak about The Global Good Fund at a career panel discussion hosted by The Posse Foundation; I was instantly hooked to the idea of social entrepreneurship.

The Posse Foundation, invests in talented urban high school students by providing them with a full-tuition merit and leadership based scholarship to top tier colleges across the nation. As a Posse scholar attending Lafayette College, I decided to live up to my school’s motto cur non (why not?) and thought that only good could come from striking a conversation with Carrie.  After the panel discussion, I was introduced to Carrie by Brandon Holden, my high school friend and posse scholar. He had recently finished interning with The Global Good Fund.

While speaking to Carrie, I quickly discovered that we shared similar values in going about driving change through leadership.  Inpisred by our initial conversation, I followed up with her to set up an in person meeting.  My intent for the meeting was to have an informal discussion to learn more about her path to creating The Global Good Fund and which leadership traits are needed to create a social enterprise. The result of the meeting was invaluable insights and the life changing opportunity to work with The Global Good Fund as an intern.  

Collaborating with an inspiring group of like-minded individuals focused on building a company focused on social impact greatly influenced my personal and  professional career path.  

I worked as the business development and marketing intern for The Global Good Fund.  Through this role, I got the opportunity to build several quantitative and qualitative skills that proved useful in my future experiences. My main projects throughout my internships consisted of building a business model canvas for the 360 MIRROR, developing market research reports to help establish The Global Good Fund's fundraising and data visualization platforms, and performing detailed due diligence to recommend investment into those that were fit as finalists for The Global Good Fund Fellowship Program. Overall, I learned about the fundamental building blocks to create a successful mission-driven business and what type of attributes I needed as a leader to carry a team forward.  The Global Good Fund served was my launchpad into a career within the social enterprise space. 

After graduating from Lafayette College in May 2015, I knew that I wanted nothing else but to continue pursuing a career in social enterprise.  I pushed full speed ahead and landed an internship position with Abt Associates, an international development firm.  In early 2016, I worked as a Pipeline Development Associate for The Points of Light Civic Accelerator.  It was extremely rewarding to reach out to entrepreneurs and encourage them to apply to the program, and then find out that they were accepted to the program. I knew that my action and role played a role in these entrepreneurs development, which would in turn lead to a stronger business and increased social impact. 

The strong business values my internship at The Global Good Fund provided me with the necessary foundation to become the strong young leader I am today.  At this moment, I am involved in two professional experiences that are related to social enterprise. I currently work full-time in DC at the Global Social Enterprise Initiative ("GSEI") at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business.  Throughout my time at GSEI, I've quickly seen that through our work, we've been able to expose career professionals and students to how social, economic, and environmental value can facilitate large-scale and lasting change. In addition to my role with GSEI, I am also working on the side with some friends to build an Education Technology started called Pique.  Pique is the common application for scholarships and we are creating an equitable platform to streamline the scholarship discovery and application for all.  We are currently in the early stages of building the platform, and are excited for what is in store for 2017!

There is a common string that binds all of my professional experiences after interning at The Global Good Fund; I make social enterprise and impact the center of what I devote my energy and commitment too.  I like to believe that everyone has that one moment or experience that changes you forever.  I am fortunate to share that Global Good Funds commitment to developing me will have a positive ripple effect throughout society.