Diana Davis Spencer & The Eggs

Posted by globalgoodfund on May 22, 2017

This is Diana Davis Spencer on stage at the 2017 Global Good Fund Gala. Diana embodies the entrepreneurial nature of the fellowship that bears her name. For example, in the house Diana grew up in, there was a little basement under the garage. After WW2 she decided to start a business in that basement. So she got 20 chickens and picked their eggs everyday. Then she went to the market to find out how much eggs cost and she undercut the price. People loved getting a bargain, so at the end of every day 8-year old Diana was sold out of eggs. So there were no eggs left for her parents, so they had to buy theirs at the market. Here the whole story below.

Diana & The Eggs

Diana is passionate about hard work, innovative ideas & creating employment for Americans. Learn more about The Diana Davis Spencer Fellowship Program for social entrepreneurs and how to become a 2018 Fellow.

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