Meet 2017 Global Good Fund Fellow Ryan Gersava, Founder of Virtualahan

Posted by globalgoodfund on June 5, 2017

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to the 4th installment of "Social Entrepreneurs - They're Just Like Us!". Meet 2017 Global Good Fund Fellow Ryan Gersava, Founder of Virtualahan.

2017 Global Good Fund Fellow Ryan Gersava is a 23-year old youth leader, which makes him our youngest Fellow this year, a Hep B thriver and founder of Virtualahan. Virtualahan a social enterprise based in the Philippines that trains and employs people who are victims of employment discrimination because of a health condition, disability, or former life condition. Learn more about Ryan and his social enterprise below.

An Interview With 2017 Global Good Fund Fellow Ryan Gersava

Q: What inspired you to start your social enterprise?

A: I was a medical technology student when I tested positive to Hepatitis B. In the Philippines, people with an incurable disease like Hep B are subject to stigma and discrimination, especially when it comes to employment. Because of my condition I couldn't get a job, and I was advised to not pursue my original dream of becoming a doctor, so I decided to dream another dream. That's how my social enterprise came to life. My goal is to be an inspiration for people to overcome their limitations and turn them into something that creates tangible impact.

Q: What was the most important lesson you learned as a child?

A: To always be true to your word. I had severe trust issues growing up because of the broken promises made by people who were very close to me. Keeping your word is critical to me.

Q: If you could take a #selfie with anyone who would it be?

A: Justin Trudeau. He is the current world leader that I admire the most.

Q: What your theme song?

A: Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson.

Q: How do you want to be remembered?

A: I want to be remembered for my passion, energy, grit, and tenacity. As someone who people think of every time they feel that they are not good enough.