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What is #DonateSmall?

A little bit of money goes a long way. #DonateSmall is our Giving Tuesday campaign that showcases
how change begins with one person, but together, we create more impact than we ever could on our own.


This year we're raising $20,000 to expand upon 

our vision of changing the world.



Good Health + Well-Being.

-  Gayatri Datar, Founder of Earthenable, provides sanitary flooring to families in Rwanda, leading to less death and disease.

-  Kevin Gibbons, Co-Founder of Health Access Connect, links Ugandans in remote areas with medical resources including malaria treatment, vaccinations, child checkups and family planning.

-  Hitesh Tolani, Founder of Virtudent, brings quality oral care to those who need it most via the first teledentistry practice in the U.S.




7 continents. 17 big problems. 100+ solutions.

The collective power of small donations create a ripple effect of transformation across the globe, for the most pressing social issues of our time.


Poverty. Hunger. Good health. Quality education.

Gender equality. Clean water. Affordable energy.

Economic growth. Infrastructure. Inequalities.

Sustainable communities. Consumption + production.

Climate action. Life below water. Life on land.

Peace + justice. Partnerships for goals.


-  Move this World, founded by Sara Potler LaHayne, is the leader in social emotional learning programs for PreK-12 students helping them express themselves, increasing their capacity to learn.

-  Jessica Johnson, Founder of Scholarship Academy, teaches low income, first generation college students to navigate the financial aid system so they can receive a quality education.

-  Phil Michaels created Tembo Education to innovate daily learning for kids ages 0-6 via SMS/text and WhatsApp, delivering a global, scalable solution for two pressing problems of modern eduation: access and screen dependency. 




Our network of >8,000 innovators

We invest in people + solutions.

Our social entrepreneurs are ready to go.

Which problem will you help solve next?


-  Danny Weissberg, Founder of Voiceitt, is developing the world's first speech recognition technology designed to restore channels for those suffering from speech disabilities, empowering over 100 million people worldwide to verbally communicate.

-  Kelly Orians, Co-Director at The First 72+, is working to stop the cycle of incarceration through community economic development. 

-  Ryan Gersava, Founder of Virtualahan, enables Persons with Disabilities to become competitive employees and entrepreneurs using the power of technology.