What is #Giving Tuesday? What is #DonateSmall?

Posted by globalgoodfund on Sept. 11, 2018

Last year, The Global Good Fund kicked off the holiday season with our Giving Tuesday campaign, coined #DonateSmall.

THE CONCEPT:  We engaged people, particularly millenials, who were interested in donating to a cause, but may not have a lot to give.

THE HOW:  Through Facebook Fundraisers, we showcased the ways in which our social enterprise leaders can achieve enourmous impact with only $10, and collected donations only of this amount.

THE RESULT: $4,856 raised, surpassing our fundraising goal of $2,400, while activating 100 new donors.

We were, and continue to be, inspired by how our community came together to #DonateSmall, and helped remind us that a little bit really does go a long way.

What is #GivingTuesday?

Giving Tuesday is an annual "International Day of Giving" celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. Founded by the 92 Street Y in New York City and The United Nations Foundation, this day has served to amplify year-end fundraising efforts for nonprofits since 2012. Giving Tuesday has become a global movement - fueled by the power of social media and the generosity of people around the world to bring about real change in their communities, and to encourage small acts of kindness. Many businesses leverage this day to create camapaigns or events anchored around doing good and raising money for charitable causes.

What is #DonateSmall?

As a nonprofit organization whose livelihood depends heavily on donations, we spend a lot of time thinking about ways to raise money. In an effort to mobilize and engage millenials in our charitable work, we developed #DonateSmall, a digital Giving Tuesday campaign that aimed to demonstrate how leaders of nonprofit and for-profit enterprises use small amounts of money to make a big difference in the world. While one philanthropist could donate thousands of dollars, we wanted to lower the entry barrier to excite young givers. The campaign kicked off on Tuesday, 10/31/17, by sharing The Global Good Fund's founding story - how our CEO, Carrie Rich, turned a $100 "birthday lunch money from her boss" into $2,000,000 and a nonprofit startup. 

Stay tuned for more information about how you can get involved in #DonateSmall 2018!