The Global Good Fund Supports Aging Americans

Learn how The Global Good Fund is supporting the aging population


According to an Urban Institute study published last year, American workers in their fifties are about 20% less likely than workers ages 25-34 to become re-employed. Furthermore, nearly two-thirds of unemployed workers age 55 and older say they have been actively searching for a job for more than one year compared to just one-third of younger workers, according to a recent survey by the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University. Increasingly left out of employment opportunities, their skills, experiences and wisdom have also been lost in the process, to the detriment of the US economy.

Such findings challenged The Global Good Fund to address this timely and poignant question: How could we support, help and enable professionals over age 50 to find sustainable and gainful employment?

In response, The Global Good Fund partnered with The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation to create a specialized fellowship program focused on identifying entrepreneurs who were addressing the challenge of increasingly unemployable workers over the age of 50. These entrepreneurs could be over the age of 50 themselves, or there could be younger entrepreneurs who were passionate about creating job opportunities explicitly targeting those aging workers. 

The Global Good Fund supports these entrepreneurs in growing their enterprises through leadership development, executive mentoring and the provision of USD $20,000 in targeted capital, which in turn will enhance their expansion, reach and scale. The ultimate social impact will be a marked increase in the employment of workers within the United States over the age of 50.

Meet our DDSF Fellows

Doniece Sandoval

Doniece is the founder of Lava Mae, a nonprofit that began by converting buses into showers and toilets on wheels for the homeless. Driven by a fierce belief everyone has the right to ben clean, she launched Lava Mae after learning about the appalling lack of access to hygiene available to people experiencing homelessness. Her work has created a ripple effect, touching the lives of 11,000 Californians and inspiring 50+ similar programs around the globe. Doniece credits Lava Mae’s international visibility to its focus on dignity and Radical Hospitality. A 2017 CNN Hero and 2016 KIND People Award recipient, she’ most proud of the moniker given to her by her 11-year old daughter who calls her a Homeless Superhero.

Sam Nasserian

Sam Nasserian is the founder & CEO of Cozymeal, the leading U.S. platform connecting guests with local, professional chefs through cooking classes and team-building experiences. While providing customers with easy access to top chefs, Cozymeal is a meaningful source of income for chefs by offering better lifestyle than the traditional restaurant business. A significant portion of Cozymeal's chefs are at the age of 50+ years. An online marketplace and sharing economy veteran, Sam has a long track record of successfully launching and growing online businesses. Sam has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics and Management from RWTH Aachen University (Germany) and Stanford University.

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