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The social issues facing today's society profoundly impact the lives of  ALL people and communities across the globe.


While we are just beginning to understand the devastation of COVID-19, there is still enormous reason for optimism as we look ahead.


1,600+ entrepreneuers applied for the opportunity to become a 2022 Global Good Fund Fellow - reinforcing that innovation, hope and the pursuit of a brighter future know no boundaries. That's one thousand, six hundred people dedicating their lives to feeding the hungry, eradicating poverty, ensuring equal access to education, fighting climate change and so much more.


Our vision of changing the world starts by investing in leaders with the biggest, boldest ideas to create long-lasting impact. This Fall, join us as we showcase a few of these remarkable humans and their stories of transformation. The world has been turned upside down, exposing injustices our entrepreneurs have been working to solve for many years.


Together, we can rebuild. The time is now to invest in these unsung heroes.

Steph Speirs

Steph Speirs is the Co-founder and CEO of Solstice. Prior to Solstice, she worked on the Obama campaign as an organizer, as a Field Program member in the Ohio general election and ultimately went to work in national security in the White House (adding in national security explains a bit why she'd spend time in Yemen). She spent a lot of time in Yemen, where she realized the geopolitics of oil were broken. This inspired a departure from her White House dream job to become a 30-year-old intern for a Pakistani company investing in renewable energy.


Karim Abouelnaga

Karim Abouelnaga is the Founder and CEO of Practice Makes Perfect, a Public Benefit Corporation that partners with K-12 schools to help narrow the opportunity gap. As a first generation immigrant, Karim was born and raised in Queens, NY and learned about the education achievement gap through first-hand experience. He was fortunate to be backed by nonprofits and mentors who changed his trajectory.

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Margo Jordan, formerly, Margo Baines, is the Founder of Youth Enrichments, a self esteem e-learning platform to help kids reach their full potential. A Wisconsin native, Margo joined the military in 2007, holds a finance degree from Texas Southern University and recently completed her MBA.


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