Microsoft + GGF Partnership Update - THE GLOBAL GOOD FUND

Microsoft + GGF Partnership Update

Posted by globalgoodfund on Jul 20, 2021

Launched in January, Microsoft employees participated in The Global Good Fund’s leadership program focused on developing personal leadership growth and social impact mindset in selling. Through the six-month program, participants took a 360 leadership assessment and worked 1:1 with an executive coach. Concluding with a practicum, participants engaged with social entrepreneurs to develop their social impact selling skills through utilizing personal narratives in pitching.

The outcomes of the program for participants were to establish a stronger understanding of the 5 key social impact leadership traits, develop and strengthen relevant social impact pitches based on customers’ profiles and needs, strengthen their confidence in presenting a personalized Microsoft Social Impact narrative with customers and stakeholders, grow in their understanding of the value of social impact in becoming a better seller, and strengthen their ability to serve as a Social Impact Ambassador on behalf of Microsoft.

This partnership spanned 6 months with 14 participants and over 140 hours of coaching. 100% of survey respondents said they were satisfied with their coaching experience. Some testimonials include:

“Prior to this opportunity, I felt social impact selling was something I did on the periphery of my job. This opportunity really empowered me to bring my dedication to social selling as a center of my brand and my work and look for ways to systematically bring others along.”

“This is an exceptional method to help colleagues better understand the importance and role of social impact and personalize for themselves.“

Overall our partnership was a major success and we are now on the path to launch the 2nd cohort next October!