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Recruitment for our 2025 Fellowship has ended. Thank you to everyone who applied!


The Global Good Fund creates a better world by investing in the leadership of entrepreneurs working relentlessly to solve our world’s most pressing social issues. Our application process is selective and highly competitive, and also inclusive, constructive, and engaging. Applications for our 2025 Fellowship are currently closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!


The Global Good Fund Fellowship is for innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders of for-profit and non-profit social impact organizations. This program is for emerging leaders and  entrepreneurs with diverse ethnic, religious, economic, geographic and gender experiences. Ideal entrepreneurs are dedicated to their own self-discovery and development and must hold a full-time leadership position at their social enterprise which has been operational for ideally two to five years.


We are looking for leaders who are scaling their enterprise and are seeking to develop their leadership capacity in tandem with the needs of their organization. Leaders should be eager to be coached, possess a growth mindset and are excited about personalized mentorship that will drive their business and teams to success. Ideal candidates must be able to fully commit to us and our 12-month hybrid program.


Phase I: Preliminary Questionnaire
May – June

+  A series of short-answer questions that aims to assess the applicants alignment with our Fellowship criteria

+  Time it takes to complete: 30 minute approximately 



Phase II: Comprehensive Application
July – August

+  A mandatory video submission where we ask you to share your story with us

+  2 recommendation letters 

+  Financial viability template 

+  Short answer questions related to these topics:

              +  Impact measurement

              +  What your enterprise does and what makes it unique

              +  Leadership potential and coachability

+  Time it takes to complete: 1-2 hours approximately 



Phase III: Interview
October – November

+  A 30 minute video interview

+  Candidates are required to invite 1 colleague and/or community member that can attest to their work to their interview


+  The enterprise the candidate leads has been in operation for a minimum of two years

+  The enterprise employs a minimum of two full-time, paid employees

+  The candidate’s role if that of a primary decision-maker, i.e. the role you hold is:

              +  C-Suite (CEO, COO,CTO,CFO etc.)

              +  Co-Founder/ Founder & C-Suite

              +  Executive Director

+  Candidate is committed full-time to running the enterprise

+  The enterprise the candidate is leading is mission driven, meaning that the sole objective is not to make a profit, but also to have a positive impact on society


+  The enterprise the candidate is leading can be a for profit, non-profit or hybrid

+  The enterprise’s scope of work can be international, domestic or both

+  The enterprise has developed an effective business model and is therefore well positioned (or is able to provide evidence that demonstrates a high level of potential) to scale in the long-term

+  The enterprise is addressing issues in the following sectors: Financial Inclusion , Environment, Education, Economic Mobility and Health. However, we will consider applicants who fall outside of these areas as related to their potential for social impact and systemic change

+  Candidates should not be receiving formal coaching/mentoring support; if they are applying for other fellowships within the same fellowship cycle, please make sure it is indicated within your application


What if you do not fit all the criteria?

+  You can still apply! Just be sure to be even more explicit in your application regarding why you should be considered for the Fellowship.


How many Fellows do you select?

+  We don’t have a set number and it therefore varies year to year. We are however committed to doing everything we possibly can to increase the number of entrepreneurs we support.


Can I apply if I have an idea of starting a business/if my business is a start-up?

+  No. It’s critical that the business is up and running. The product or service is beyond MVP stage, and ideally has gone through various iterations and the enterprise is getting ready to scale.


If I’m unsure I meet the criteria, can I connect with someone to talk about it?

+  Our eligibility criteria can be found here. Please ensure you have carefully read this as well as additional supporting information on our website before emailing us. All email enquiries should be sent to:  sandra.waithaka@globalgoodfund.org. We are not able to take calls. If you are interested in knowing more about the Fellowship experience and whether you think you are the right fit/ it’s the right time for you to apply, we highly encourage you to reach out to our alumni. A full list of all our alumni can be found here.


Can my co-founders apply with me?

+  Co-founders are encouraged to apply however their applications will be considered separately as this program focuses on supporting the leadership development of an individual, and not of the organization.


Can I apply if I’m not working full-time at my enterprise? (e.g either as a student, or work part-time elsewhere).

+  Our Fellowship is extremely competitive. We also ask a lot of our Fellows. It is therefore extremely important that all candidates are dedicated full-time to growing their enterprise. This ensures that they are able to make the most of the fellowship.


My English is far from perfect, can I still apply?

+  As long as you are able to communicate and hold a business conversation in English, we absolutely encourage you to apply. Our Fellows come from all over the world, and a high percentage have not had any formal training in English language.


I wasn’t selected, can I receive feedback on my application?

+  Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applications we are not able to provide individual feedback. Every year we are blown away by the caliber of applications from leaders of social enterprises all over the world. Furthermore we have found that on average, 50% of those selected have applied more than once. Therefore, whilst we understand this news is extremely disappointing, we highly encourage you to keep working hard and to re-apply. Your work matters, you matter and we are rooting for you and your enterprise to succeed.


I reached the interview stage, but didn’t get selected, if I want to reapply next year, do I need to complete Phase 1 again?

+  No, if you made it to the Interview Stage (Phase 3), you will automatically qualify to Phase 2, the following year.


I reached the interview stage, but didn’t get selected for the Flagship Fellowship, are there any other programs that GGF can consider me for?

+  Yes! Anyone applying for the Flagship Fellowship that makes it to the Interview stage and doesn’t get selected for the Fellowship, will automatically be considered for our LEAP Program. For more information about LEAP click here.


For more information please contact our Program Manager, Sandra Waithaka.


Applications for our 2025 Fellowship are currently closed.

Thank you to everyone who applied!