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The Global Good Fund identifies high-potential leaders and organizations and provides them with the coaching, mentorship, funding, and other resources needed to accelerate their social impact — in the United States and 60+ countries around the world.



Accelerating Human Potential

GGF believes investing in people is the most effective way to ignite positive impact and lasting social change. Our Fellowship and other nonprofit programs help create a more just and sustainable world by strengthening the leadership capacity of innovators who are focused on solving complex issues. GGF programs cultivate personal and organizational progress for both nonprofit and for-profit social enterprises, catalyzing inclusive impact in the United States and around the world.

Creating Impact Together

GGF has leveraged our expertise as a nonprofit social impact accelerator to provide customized small business coaching and technical assistance, leadership development programs, and advisory services for other organizations. Our consulting practice helps companies, nonprofits, governments, and foundations ensure their people and investments are growing strategically and in tandem with the needs of the communities they serve. Proceeds are, in turn, used to fund our nonprofit programs.

Social Impact With Returns

GGF’s sister organization, the Global Impact Fund, ensures that capital is used for the highest good. GIF is a venture capital fund that invests in mission-driven companies, with a focus on those led by people of color and women. A portion of the earnings are contributed to GGF to fund more nonprofit programs.