Fellow testimonials – Global Good Fund

Posted by globalgoodfund on Sep 10, 2022

Fellow testimonials – Global Good Fund

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What our Fellows say about us

Posted by globalgoodfund on June 24, 2019

The Global Good Fund Fellowship will unlock your leadership potential and accelerate your social impact. Don’t believe us? Here’s what our Fellows say. 
  • –  "This Fellowship is about personal development which is critical when building a social venture. This program gives me the resources to develop along with my company."  Danny Weissberg, 2018 Fellow, Voiceitt
  • –  "It was one of the most helpful things I’ve done so far for myself and my business; any entrepreneur would benefit from this experience." Tom McDougall, 2017 Fellow, 4PFoods

  • –  "After my first conversation with The Global Good Fund, I had a better sense of my leadership style. Wow. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be a GGF Fellow. Thank you for taking the time to really listen to me."  Ange Muyubiram, 2015 Fellow, Kaz’O’Zah

  • –  "Through the program, I feel confident that I grew as a leader. My organization is growing as a result."  Victor Gutierrez, 2014 Fellow, Futbol Mas

  • –  "My Global Good Fund mentor empowered me to clarify and prioritize my values and ambitions. As a result, I feel more whole."  Karim Abouelnaga, 2015 Fellow, Practice Makes Perfect

  • –  "The opportunity to be a little bit selfish and focus on what makes me happy and what will sustain me in the work was invaluable."  Kelly Orians, 2018 Fellow, Rising Foundations

  • –  "My leadership development coach helped me strengthen my body and soul to move forward and become a confident leader."  Diana Quintero, 2015 Fellow, Bive

  • –  "One of the reasons I really love this organization is that they listen to you. They are social entrepreneurs too constantly asking for feedback, internalizing it and making changes. This is not just a program, it’s a lifelong support network."  Leah Fuller, 2016 Fellow, Lava Mae

  • –  "This Fellowship gave me with skills needed to build personal and professional relationships. My success rate in negotiations has increased dramatically as a result of the confidence I received from working with my mentor."  Jean Bosco, 2018 Fellow, Habona Ltd

  • –  "It is one of the best and most personalized leadership development opportunities anyone can get." Summaiya Afreen, 2016 Fellow, Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti

  • –  "What an incredible community. From the GGF staff, to the fellows, to the volunteers, GGF has done a great job at bringing together exceptional people and giving them a chance to connect and collaborate." Samir Goel, 2017 Fellow, Esusu

  • –  "One of the best Fellowships I’ve participated in. The GGF program is really focused on empowering and supporting each individual. The organization is extremely values-driven and provides life-long connection and support to the Fellows." Liziane Silva, 2014 Fellow, Ink

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