Posted by globalgoodfund on Jun 26, 2018

By: Emma Forte Sczudlo (Project Coordinator, Bridge to Health)

I believe that partnerships create possibilities. Successful people did not rise to the top on their own. Innovation stems from collaboration between intelligent people. Some of the world’s most pressing problems – poverty, hunger, illness – can be solved by benevolent acts.

At Bridge to Health Medical and Dental, our foundation is partnership. We’re a non-profit organization that partners with local grassroots organizations and governments in low-resource, isolated communities to empower them in their work. We help our partners accomplish their goals by collaborating to design and implement long-term, cost-effective solutions to gaps in healthcare. We currently work in rural Kabale, Uganda and Kisumu, Kenya, helping our partners to provide comprehensive healthcare at outreach clinics, to host education and training programs and public health initiatives, and to conduct novel research.

Put simply, we’re connecting those who need resources with those who have them. Actually, when you think of it this way, our strategy is the same as that of GGF. We support the work that GGF is doing – connecting budding social entrepreneurs with expert mentors – and we’re thrilled that GGF is supporting our Santa Monica Fundraiser too. Thanks, in part, to the opportunity to share networks with GGF, we’re expecting an awesome event. Established professionals – scholars, clinicians, businesspeople, etc.– will have the opportunity to connect with young, aspiring early professionals and students (all while enjoying all-you-can-eat Polish food, delicious drinks, music and dancing, and the winning phenomenal prizes!)

Some have asked us – why Santa Monica? BTH is based in Toronto, and GGF in Maryland. Well, the warm beachy evenings sounded like fun. That and we want to establish rapport with a new community of generous, compassionate people. The present era is characterized by how extraordinarily interconnected we are. We’re taking advantage of this historically new opportunity to ask specific communities to help our cause. Sunny Santa Monica seemed like a good place to start.

When we’re not promoting partnerships by throwing parties, BTH finds and assists communities lacking medical and dental services, no matter how isolated their locations may be. Shouldn’t we also search worldwide for those who want to help? If you’re a global health enthusiast living in Los Angeles, come out and connect with us and our friends at GGF. We hope that, now that you’ve read a bit more, you’re just as excited about the event as we are.