Posted by globalgoodfund on Jun 04, 2021

The Global Good Fund is pleased to announce our synergistic partnership with Broad Views, a global organization that stands for women who lead and want to create the life, family, workplace, and world they want to live in.

Broad Views supports women leaders in many ways. They provide monthly leadership development on targeted topics that help women leaders avoid business pitfalls. Broad Views provides group and individual coaching and mentoring, as well as customized seminars on topics to support women in developing their potential as leaders such as: “The Calculated Risk”, “I’m Speaking: Amplify Your Voice”, and “Choose your Leadership Behavior: Masculine and Feminine Behavior”.

Broad Views distinguishes itself with a focus on client-centered development from the inside out, providing perspectives, processes, and tools to amplify each woman leader’s talents and voice. Tara Jenkins and Barrie Zucal, the founders of Broad Views, are highly experienced global leaders who bring heart, expertise, and experience to their work. For the last three years, Barrie served the Global Good Fund as an executive mentor, an advisor, and a coach to leadership.  

Broad Views has made a commitment to donate 10% of their revenue to support the Global Good Fund so when you hire Broad Views, you are supporting the Global Good Fund as well.

We invite you to visit the Broad Views website at and to contact Barrie Zucal at or at +1.240.305.7508 to learn more about the significant work they are doing with women worldwide.