2022 Fellowship Recruitment - THE GLOBAL GOOD FUND

2022 Fellowship Recruitment

Posted by globalgoodfund on Aug 09, 2021

This year’s recruitment for our 2022 Cohort of Global Good Fund Fellows was a huge success. We received more than 1,600 applications from young social entrepreneurs from all over the globe. Our applicant pool was extremely diverse reaffirming that big bold ideas on how to change our world for good are everywhere.

We began our international search in early May after concluding our first annual virtual summit and gala. The ongoing pandemic is  still affecting many communities which prompted us to extend our enrollment period  for an additional two weeks to ensure all deserving entrepreneurs could apply for our leadership program. This year we received applications from a handful of new global locations demonstrating that social entrepreneurship is a universal language that transcends continents.

500 applicants who will be moving on to phase II of our recruitment process have been notified, and we look forward to sharing more about these innovators when the time is right. In the meantime, below are a few new locations from where we received applications!

  • –  Indonesia
  • –  Papua New Guinea
  • –  Australia
  • –  Slovenia
  • –  The Netherlands
  • –  Greece
  • –  Latvia
  • –  Armenia
  • –  Germany

The Global Good Fund is committed to supporting social entrepreneurs who focus on creating positive change in heath, education, the environment, and through their social enterprises are enabling economic mobility and financial inclusion. This year’s applicant pool reinforced the magnitude and intersectionality of these key issues as a majority of applicants are focused on tackling these issues. Additionally, the pool highlighted the dire need for solutions to different humanitarian crises around the world with there being an increase in the number of applicants related to energy and water.

Last year we added in a self identification question related to metrics around identity, allowing us to catalogue who exactly our applicants are beyond their enterprises and where they come from. This year in our applicant pool 64% of applicants identified themselves as people of color, 25% of them identified themselves as minority ethnic groups within their countries, 6% of them identified themselves as part of the LGBTQIA community and 5% of them identified themselves as someone with a disability.

We  are privileged to be able to support social entrepreneurs who keep working towards making impactful change. Thank you to everyone who shared our call for applications with your networks, for our applicants who put in the time and effort to apply for this fellowship and for the social entrepreneurs around the world who continue to do good and strive to change the world.