The Mentor-Mentee Relationship: ft Paige Dickow & Edward Yee

Posted by globalgoodfund on Nov 15, 2022

Giving Tuesday is 2 weeks away, and soon the entire world will be talking about generosity, how it manifests in different ways, and why it’s critical to building the society we want to live in. Our #PayItForward campaign celebrates the mentors in our own lives, and challenges us to provide a similar life-changing opportunity to another young entrepreneur.

Below we shed light on the special mentor-mentee relationship between Paige Dickow Edward Yee. We hope you will choose to enthusiastically join us on our mission to provide another deserving young leader with our transformational support. A $2,500 gift to The Global Good Fund provides 5 months of executive mentorship! Donate now.



Why is being a mentor important to you?
I really want to help people be their best selves. More specifically, I love to help people connect dots and build connections. Mentoring allows me to use the skills I’ve built throughout my whole life to impact the next generation.

Why do you like being a mentor with The Global Good Fund?
Fundamentally I believe in the mission of The Global Good Fund; to create more good in the world we must launch and support entrepreneurs. I believe strongly that when we support those in their communities seeking to do good we will all feel the positive benefits.  

What is something you’ve learned about yourself through mentoring?
I’ve learned that I can help people in more ways that I thought was possible. For example, I have provided Edward with an equal amount of personal life and professional business support; trust is the key to a successful mentor and mentee relationship, and that only builds when you connect and share both personal and professional topics. At the end of the day, leadership development is an investment, and you have to make time to show up for yourself and those you want to support.

What has your GGF mentee taught you?
Working with Edward has given me insight and perspective that is applicable to other relationships in my life, and has made me more empathetic. Edward is the future of work, and from him I’m learning about how the next generation wants to work and follow-up. From Edward I’ve learned the importance of other people’s perspectives and the value of our collective cultural differences.

Edward and I speak very often, and this past September, when Edward was in San Francisco, we had brunch! I love Edward, I always look forward to our conversations and I know our relationship will continue long after his Fellowship ends.


Why is having a mentor important to you?
Having a mentor gives me the opportunity to draw on decades of experience. It allows me to speak with someone who has encountered similar challenges that I currently face for the first time, helping me make fewer mistakes and learn how to make better decisions. At the same time, she also gives me a space and the time to talk through challenges we face as a business.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received from your GGF mentor?
When I first met Paige, I was going through difficulties in various aspects of my life. I remember that she was very honest and straight with me, not discounting my experiences, but instead acknowledging them and working with me to cope and make it through my situation. The advice she gives always comes from a place of empathy and understanding; she genuinely cares about me and wants me to be the best version of myself so I can show up for my business.

How has your GGF mentor impacted your leadership?
I’ve felt myself grow as a leader since working with Paige. In particular, becoming better at leading sideways and upwards. I’ve learned to be honest and share what’s important to me, which shapes our culture and builds buy-in across the organization.

How has your GGF mentor impacted your business?
In many ways, my mentor has shaped my business through the perspective and advice she has given. She has become the first person I call to dissect some of the most significant challenges we face as a business.

There are so many deserving entrepreneurs that need the opportunity to connect, learn and grow from a GGF mentor. Please pledge your support by November 23rd as we will be selecting our 2023 cohort based on commitments confirmed by that date.