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A Summary of our 10 Year Anniversary Gala

Posted by globalgoodfund on May 23, 2023

In an awe-inspiring event, the Global Good Fund’s 10th Annual Gala united the global community to commemorate a decade of remarkable achievements in driving positive social change. With a captivating celebration of the organization’s mission to empower social entrepreneurs, distinguished leaders, philanthropists, and change-makers came together from around the world to honor the groundbreaking initiatives of the Fellows.

The gala commenced with a heartfelt speech by GGF founder, Carrie Rich, illuminating the extraordinary journey of the past ten years. Through powerful storytelling and inspiring anecdotes, attendees were reminded of the profound impact that individuals can have on the lives of many.

Guiding the audience with charisma and authenticity, the gala was hosted by esteemed alumni of the Global Good Fund, Noah Wilson Rich and Kiron Chandy. Their personal experiences as Fellows added a special connection, infusing the program with energy and enthusiasm.

A standout moment of the night was the captivating fireside chat and award presentation to GGF Alumni Autumn Adeigbo, the visionary founder of her eponymous sustainable women’s fashion brand. Through their intimate on-stage conversation, Autumn inspired aspiring social entrepreneurs worldwide, showcasing the potential of entrepreneurship to create positive change.

The gala provided a platform for Global Good Fund Fellows to share their remarkable stories of resilience, determination, and impact. Each Fellow showcased the transformative power of the Fund’s support and mentorship in their entrepreneurial journeys, offering a testament to the potential of social entrepreneurship to drive meaningful change.

The 10th Annual Gala of the Global Good Fund was both a celebration of the past decade’s achievements and a rallying call for the future. It emphasized the importance of nurturing a global ecosystem that empowers and supports social entrepreneurs, enabling them to create lasting, positive change.

Gratitude is extended to all who contributed to the success of this remarkable event. We invite you to join us as we embark on the next chapter of this extraordinary movement, working together to build a future where social entrepreneurship thrives and creates a lasting transformation for communities worldwide.