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Igniting Change: Join GGF’s ‘All In for a Brighter Future’ Campaign

Posted by globalgoodfund on Aug 16, 2023

As we close out 2023, GGF invites you to be a catalyst for change by being “all in” on our mission to empower innovators with the tools and resources they need to create a better world. 

This year we had more than 3,100 applicants for just over 20 spots in the cohorts of our flagship Fellowship and Leap programs. The next generation of social impact leaders is relying on us collectively to help them scale their world-changing ideas. Our team is ready, and we simply can’t do it without you!

Empowering Leadership at Every Level:

Each donation, regardless of size, contributes to the transformational journey of our Fellows, Leap participants, and the 200+ alumni who still take part in the opportunities GGF provides. You can play a pivotal role in creating greater impact related to their innovations in health equity, environmental sustainability, educational access, financial inclusion, and economic mobility.

$25,000 – Ignite Global Impact:

This generous contribution provides customized leadership development to two deserving Fellows, along with their travel to GGF’s annual Summit. By investing at this level, you are directly enabling two emerging leaders to sharpen their skills and expand their horizons on the global stage.

$10,000 – Elevate Individual Potential:

With this contribution, you’ll fully cover the cost of one Leap program participant, helping them access invaluable mentorship and resources that can shape their leadership journey.

$5,000 – Foster Collective Growth:

Your support at this level covers the travel expenses of ten fellows to our Summit, creating a platform for cross-cultural exchange, learning, and collaboration that fuels lasting change.

$2,500 – Empower Through Mentorship:

By contributing at this level, you offer five months of essential mentorship to a Fellow, enabling them to receive personalized guidance, expertise, and support on their path toward making a meaningful impact.

$1,000 – Strengthening Networks:

This contribution sponsors two networking sessions for the Women’s Giving Circle, facilitating connections, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration among women leaders driving change in various fields.

$500 – Equipping Future Leaders:

Your support at this level provides leadership tools for five Fellows, enabling them to build essential skills and strategies that will shape their leadership journey.

$250 – Enabling Learning:

This contribution covers the cost of a one-hour webinar for Fellows, equipping them with insights and knowledge from experts in various domains.

By being “All In for a Brighter Future” you are a part of the collective action needed for global progress. Your generosity empowers, uplifts, and nurtures the social impact leaders of tomorrow to make a lasting impact on the communities they serve and the world at large.