Global Good Consulting Merges with Amani Institute

Posted by globalgoodfund on Jul 09, 2024

At The Global Good Fund, we believe in harnessing the power of the collective to drive positive change. Our Impact Ecosystem, rooted in the philosophy of placing people at the center, comprises three key impact avenues.

Programs: This avenue underscores our commitment to unlocking the full potential of every individual, fostering leadership development, and personal growth.

Consulting: We extend our socially-driven ethos to leaders, bringing tailored solutions to organizations focused on driving positive social impact and sustainable growth through innovative strategies and practices.

Impact Fund: Here, we strategically invest in companies led by social entrepreneurs. By leveraging the power of capital for good, we aim to catalyze transformative impact on a global scale.

The synergy created by the collective force of our three impact avenues is unparalleled — each facet building upon the other to effect change far beyond what could be achieved individually. Through our Impact Ecosystem and unwavering commitment to prioritizing people, we are actively creating a more sustainable and just future for all.

Global Good Consulting (GGC) collaborates with forward-thinking teams to advance leadership, business growth, and social impact, fostering a brighter future for all. Leveraging expertise and resources, we tailor our approach to support clients’ specific goals, drawing from proprietary methods developed for our social entrepreneur Fellowship. By partnering closely with communities, we aim for inclusive, lasting outcomes throughout the project lifecycle, integrating measurement and evaluation. Serving nonprofits, for-profits, foundations, and government agencies, GGC specializes in Small Business Coaching, Technical Assistance, Leadership Development, and Advisory Services, empowering organizations to make a difference.

We are excited to announce the merger of Global Good Consulting and Amani Institute. This strategic partnership not only expands our reach globally, with offices in Kenya and India, but it also strengthens our presence in the United States. By combining the unique strengths of both entities, we have solidified our commitment to driving positive social impact through innovative solutions. This collaboration empowers us to collectively leverage a diverse set of capabilities, fostering creativity and delivering best practices that will contribute significantly to building a more sustainable and just future for all. Our clients will benefit from this unified force, gaining access to an expanded range of services and insights that address social issues on a global scale.

Amani Institute, over the past 13 years, has dedicated itself to developing individuals and organizations to lead social impact. We achieve this by equipping them with essential problem-solving and leadership skills, mindsets, and knowledge to create more impact. Our expertise spans from strategic facilitation to training and development to consulting. Amani Institute has trained over 12,000 social impact professionals globally. Through partnerships with over 300 clients and growing, Amani Institute has delivered more than 500 customized trainings and strategic facilitation programs. Amani Institute’s commitment to transformative learning experiences has created a vibrant ecosystem that transcends geographical and sectoral boundaries, contributing significantly to the growth and impact of organizations worldwide.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how this merger will impact our ecosystem, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your dedicated consultant or contact