Global Impact Fund II

Market-leading returns by backing social entrepreneurs, especially people of color and women.

About The Fund

The Global Impact Fund II (GIF II) is a $10M venture capital fund that invests in companies led by social entrepreneurs with a preference for companies led by people of color and women.  GIF II's impact focus is primarily in environmental sustainability, health and health care, education, financial technology, socioeconomic mobility, and income equality, although GIF II is also permitted to make investments in other sectors.
GIF II is unapologetic about making market-leading returns for investors by investing in social impact businesses. This model is based on the Global Impact Fund, LLC, (GIF I) a Delaware based venture capital company. GIF I has made five equity investments, realizing stepped up valuation events so far in 5 of these investments 4-years into the 10-year life of GIF I with an average internal rate of return based on such valuation events in excess of 3.5x.
GIF II leverages deal flow from the entrepreneurs graduating from The Global Good Fund Fellowship Program as well as other community incubator and accelerator programs. GIF II is woman and black-led. The diversity of the entrepreneurs the fund invests in is reflected in the diversity of the investors, Advisors, and Investment Committee, including black, brown, indigenous Indian, LatinX, women, and people with disabilities. Part of the carry from the GPs of the impact fund will be donated to The Global Good Fund.


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Seeking Capital?

Are you looking for capital for your enterprise? In addition to the Global Impact Fund, The Global Good Fund has strategic partnerships specifically designed for our Fellows, alumni, and applicants to access capital. Please complete the below survey if you are raising capital or will be raising capital within the next 24 months. If your work is a fit, we will be in touch.


What is it?

»  A venture capital fund seeking market-leading returns by backing social entrepreneurs, who are people of color and women

When was it started?

»  Global Impact Fund I has been around 4-years (started December 2016)
»  Global Impact Fund II did its first close February 2021. We’re in business!

How much money are you looking to raise?

»  $10,000,000. To date, we’ve raised $8,000,000.  
»  Our goal for the fund is to produce 3.5X net financial returns for our investors

How is it related to GGF?

»  Global Impact Fund II is a sister company to The Global Good Fund. They are two separate companies. The Global Good Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that philanthropically supports both nonprofit and for-profit organizations while Global Impact Fund II is a for-profit venture capital fund that invests in for-profit companies for market-leading returns.

What types of companies are investing in?

Investing at the intersection of competitive returns and social enterprises
»  For-profit companies
»  Scalable
»  Companies that produce competitive investment returns
»  Social enterprises
»  Geography: Predominantly in the United States
»  5 Industry Sectors: Health, Environment, Education, Financial Inclusion and Social Economic Mobility

What stage are the companies you are investing in?

»  Lead in Seed, participate in Series A
»  20 investment, $200-500K per investment

Who is leading the fund?

»  Carrie Rich, Managing Director
»  Daron Coates, GP of Global Impact Fund II, Co-Founder of ThinkBox
»  Paul Orentas, GP of Global Impact Fund II, Co-Founder of ThinkBox

How do we get information about it?

»  Contact for more information 

What has the Fund done to date?

»  The current returns for Global Impact Fund I have increased to 10x invested capital.
»  The current returns for Global Impact Fund II have increased to 5.1x invested capital
»  Global Impact Fund II increased commitments from $6.0M to $9.8M under management.
»  100% of our portfolio companies create social impact.
»  80% of both fund portfolios are led by black, brown and women entrepreneurs.


Summary of Terms:

»  Investment Period: 5 years
»  Term of Fund: 10 years
»  Structure - Delaware Limited Partnership
»  2% Management fee, 20% carry (typical VC fund structure)
»  Woman & black-led fund
»  Investor base, GP, Investment Committee, and Advisors reflect the diversity of the entrepreneurs the impact fund invests in.
»  Part of the carry from the GP’s carry goes to support The Global Good Fund. In other words, investment through the Global Impact Fund II (as well as Global Impact Fund I) is a long-term gift to The Global Good Fund. For entrepreneurs that receive investment from Global Impact Fund II, they are not only scaling their businesses but also creating wealth for overlooked investors who were previously not invited to participate, all while simultaneously creating long-term opportunities for other social entrepreneurs through The Global Good Fund.