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We invest in entrepreneurs working to bring social change in five focused areas

Our Focus Areas




Global Good Fund Fellows are solving

the world’s most urgent social issues.





From access to clean water and electricity

to education and healthcare,

our social entrepreneurs are creating

more good in the world.



Learn more about the five focus areas

where our social entrepreneurs

are bringing change.


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The Social Issues We Focus On


Half of the world's population lack access to essential health services. Our Fellow's are solving global health challenges, especially throughout vulnerable populations. They combine innovative technologies and science to restore broken healthcare systems and provide access to affordable and comprehensive care.

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Nearly 10% of children around the world are denied access to education. We support leaders who are pioneering inclusive, equitable and high-quality education opportunities for youth populations across the globe.


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Our social innovators support the sustainable use of our planet’s natural resources, improve local food systems, harness renewable energy, reduce plastic waste and mitigate the risks of climate change.


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Economic Mobility

Through their social enterprise work, our Fellows accelerate employment opportunities for the poor, unemployed and underemployed to improve their economic status.


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Financial Inclusion

1.7 billion people around the world are excluded from the financial sector. Our entrepreneurs create products and services to enable and empower vulnerable populations - ensuring that everyone, regardless of socio-economic status, has access to the financial system, improving the livelihoods of individuals and communities.



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