Our Fellow’s are solving global health challenges, especially throughout vulnerable populations.


They combine innovative technologies and science to restore broken healthcare systems and provide access to affordable and comprehensive care.


Dr. Iffat Aga

Co-Founder + Chief Development Officer, Sehat Kahani



Sehat Kahani is an all female health provider network that provides quality healthcare to those in need, using telemedicine.


Dr. Iffat Aga story begins with her grandparents immigration to Pakistan, she was born into a middle income expatriate Pakistani family. She grew up seeking to prove herself to the world, her family and never feeling like enough. Her mother’s side of the family was richer and considered themselves elite, while on her father’s side the family was conservative and viewed a woman’s place in the kitchen. Dr. Iffat Aga got into medical university but never felt like any of her family members, she was not rich enough and she had determination to be more than just a woman in the kitchen. After graduating she started working in a leading global Pharmaceutical where  unfortunately she ended up losing a baby in a premature birth. The next time she conceived, She quit her job. This is where Dr. Iffat realized the importance of flexible work options for women.  Fast forward to a few years ahead Dr. Iffat then joined her fellow co-founders who were working on an amazing idea of connecting home based female physicians to communities in need and she fell in love with the whole concept. Thus Sehat Kahani was born.


Sehat Kahani works on tackling the issue of health care accessibility in Pakistan, especially for individuals who are not able to physically see a doctor. Sehat Kahani provides tele access for patients all over Pakistan, also allowing female doctors to be mothers and doctors while working from home.


Danny Weisberg

CEO + Co-Founder, Voicett



Voiceitt leverages powerful new speech recognition technology to support spoken communication and increase independence for people of any ability, building deeper human connection and creating more inclusive and accessible communities


Danny Weissberg is an engineer turned serial entrepreneur with experience leading and managing teams in Israel’s hi-tech scene for over fifteen years. After watching his grandmother suffer a stroke, which left her with unintelligible speech, Danny was inspired to create Voiceitt, a voice recognition technology that allows people with speech impairments to communicate with anyone, anywhere. As CEO & Co-Founder,  he leads a team of skilled technologists, business professionals, speech and occupational therapists through headquarters on two continents. He is driven by the company’s core mission and vision: to employ sophisticated technology to improve lives. Today, Voiceitt is in the advanced stages of development and is being tested on three continents, with hundreds of beta users, in four languages. Danny  holds a B.Sc. with Honors in Civil Engineering from the Technion Institute of Technology in Israel.


Voicett tackles the issue of accessibility to information, ability to communicate and increases independence for people of any ability to be able to communicate using speech recognition technology. The Voicett app allows users to be understood and communicate, it provides a new dimension of independence and quality of life for people with speech and motor disabilities. This directly correlates with the social issue of health for people whose disabilities relate to speech or motor functions.