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Carrie believes in making the world better through business and leadership. That is why she co-founded The Global Good Fund ten years ago to invest in high potential, overlooked social entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs need access to capital to scale, so she went on to found and manage the Global Impact Fund, which is dedicated to investing in socially impactful businesses primarily led by black, brown and women founders. Carrie’s fourth book, Impact The World: Live Your Values and Drive Changes as a Citizen Statesperson, was published by Wiley in May 2022 and is now a WSJ and Amazon Best Seller. Carrie gives back by serving on corporate and nonprofit boards and by volunteering in her local community.

Carrie’s fundamental message is about accessibility – everyday people can empower themselves and others.

Carrie lives in Maryland with her husband and three children. You can follow Carrie on all social channels @mscarrierich.


The world is navigating extraordinary times. Amid widespread loss of confidence in traditional institutions of power, a renewed civic spirit and new technologies empowering individuals at the local level, equates to an unprecedented opportunity to channel global impact.


Women in Business: My Personal Journey

Learn from Carrie’s personal story as a woman in business. From building a global nonprofit organization that required knocking down barriers at every turn, to growing a young family, to raising millions of dollars, Carrie shares her story of pushing forward, investing in herself, and helping others live their full potential. Hear how Carrie raised multiple venture capital funds…while pregnant.  Carrie openly and poignantly shares personal insights about the role of mentors in accelerating her purpose-driven life, including those who helped her attain board seats, assisted on the home front, and created a support network to accelerate her career when her personal world came crashing down.


Impact Investing: The Intersection of Business and Social Good

Impact investing is a term that we often hear but don’t fully understand. Learn about impact investing from an improbable impact investor—a young entrepreneur without a venture capital track record who went on to successfully invest in a portfolio of socially impactful companies led by people of color and women, 8-years before the rest of the country cared; a female nonprofit executive who found herself cultivating deals and unique relationships with investors who went on to successfully raise and deploy multiple impact funds.  Explore how to become an impact investor and how to partner with grassroots entrepreneurs and global corporate giants to do what is both morally right and profitable.


Business and Leadership for Social Good

The greatest challenges of our time have a way of exposing and exacerbating society’s most intractable problems, from food insecurity to housing instability to inequities in education and healthcare. The business community has taken on some of these problems by recognizing that great companies led by great leaders can be both profitable and have social impact.  Learn about how business leaders can be part of the solution by gleaning lessons from grassroots entrepreneurs and by making social impact a permanent part of business strategy.


How to Be a Connector

We are often taught to become the best at one thing, to dig our own trench, to stay in our own lane, and to focus on our task. That’s one way to succeed—but that’s not what Carrie Rich did. Learn from Carrie’s personal journey, starting as a middle-class kid in the Boston suburbs to today leading multiple global organizations. Carrie is not the best businessperson, the best writer, or the most successful person who’s ever founded a nonprofit. But what she can tell you is how having interests in different areas—and being willing to see how people, ideas, and industries are connect to each other—help create a global network of social entrepreneurs with millions of beneficiaries around the world. Join Carrie in exploring how ordinary people can create extraordinary change, and how we can fit pieces of our lives together to keep the world from falling apart.


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“Carrie Rich is an outstanding communicator. Why? Because she lives what she teaches! I’ve learned so much from her. You will too.”

– John C. Maxwell, Bestselling Author and Speakers


“Carrie has strong and wide ranging communication skills.  I have observed her in many different settings – complete range of age groups, challenging situations/audiences, uplifting and inspirational topics/groups, etc. and she has the skills to excel in any forum.  I have also witnessed her in panel settings where the other panelists are far more experienced and Carrie always outperforms them.  She has truly unique and gifted skills.”

– C.E. Andrew, Former CEO, MorganFranklin Consulting


“Carrie was a guest speaker for my ‘Being a Woman in the 21st Century’ class. She was real. She engaged with the students on a personal and professional level, giving them insight into what it means to be a leader, a woman and a young person in business.”

– Elanie Steyn, Associate Professor of Journalism, University of Oklahoma


“On a personal level, I have known and been inspired in my own entrepreneurial journey by Carrie since 2013. As a professional partner, we have invited her to teach several times in our programs in Kenya, Brazil and India as a global expert on fundraising and social entrepreneurship; her courses have consistently been rated among the highest of all our expert faculty, by our student body comprising adult learners from 60+ countries. She is a fantastic guide to both business success and personal fulfillment.”

– Roshan Paul, Co-Founder + CEO, The Amani Institute


“Carrie is a strong advocate for women entrepreneurs, diverse leaders and bringing a different viewpoint to bear. Carrie’s personal experiences, the depth of knowledge from strengthening innovators and pushing for positive change around the world have made her a very impactful and influential speaker.”

– Dan Kotter, Partner, Ernst & Young