Fundraising for Social Impact Course

Successfully Cultivate Donors to Achieve Your Fundraising Goals

About The Course

Fundraising for Social Impact will provide practical, tactical tips to fundraise for social impact, going from zero to millions of dollars raised.

The course is facilitated by Carrie Rich, the co-founder and CEO, who has achieved this feat on repeat throughout the last decade and she has helped hundreds of social entrepreneurs to do the same, across the United States and in more than forty countries globally. To illustrate the tactics in this course Carrie layers in inspirational stories about marginalized founders who’ve successfully raised money to scale social causes. The course provides a flexible and interactive learning experience created to guide aspiring fundraisers through the process of cultivating donors, creating a fundraising plan, and delivering an effective fundraising pitch.

Who is this course for?

Fundraising isn’t easy. It can be daunting to reach out to people in your community or network to ask for donations. Yet there is a proven approach to raising funds, if you focus on building meaningful relationships with people who care about your social cause.


This course is for you if you’ve had limited experience raising large sums of money and are eager to make a difference through your organization or personal engagement.


+ Young professionals looking to raise money for causes they care about

+ Nonprofit and social impact leaders stepping into a fundraising-focused role

+ New board members or volunteers who are tasked with raising funding

+ Members of advocacy organizations looking to raise dollars for a worthy cause

Meet Your Instructor

Carrie Rich, believes in making the world better through business and leadership. That is why she co-founded The Global Good Fund ten years ago to invest in high potential, overlooked social entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs need access to capital to scale, so she went on to found and manage the Global Impact Fund, which is dedicated to investing in socially impactful businesses primarily led by black, brown and women founders. Carrie’s fourth book, Impact The World: Live Your Values and Drive Changes as a Citizen Statesperson, was published by Wiley in May 2022 and is now a WSJ and Amazon Best Seller. Carrie gives back by serving on corporate and nonprofit boards and by volunteering in her local community. Carrie’s fundamental message is about accessibility – everyday people can empower themselves and others.


If Fundraising for Social Impact sounds like a fit for you or someone you know, join the waitlist to let us know you’re interested.


Is this course for me?

This course is for anyone looking to gain or improve the skills needed to raise money through direct conversations with donors. It’s ideal for fundraisers with little or no experience raising significant philanthropic funds from individual donors, as opposed to grants, and who are looking for support to engage their networks of potential donors. It could be for people who work for organizations, are board members, volunteers, or have a direct connection to a cause in a personal way.


I can’t afford the full program fee. Are payment plans or discounted rates available?

Yes, we’re currently offering a limited number of discounted needs-based seats. Please contact us at for more information.


When will the course begin?

Learners have a few different program options, and each option is supported by an experienced fundraising coach or cohort of peers. To match learners with the best-suited coach or cohort, we’ll take registrations from April 3rd – 28th and the program will begin in early May. We can’t wait to get started!

How much money will I be able to raise if I join this program?

Every fundraiser’s journey is different, and we’re not able to guarantee specific results. However, all enrolled learners will have access to proven techniques and customized personal guidance from a fundraising coach to support your progress.


I’m looking to enroll with a few others, is there a group enrollment option?

We’re glad you asked! For 3+ registrations from the same organization or association we offer a 20% on the program fee. If you’re planning to join the cohort-based learning experience, we can place registrants in the same cohort or different cohorts depending on your preference. Reach out to Larissa Harari for details (

Key learning objectives

By the end of the course you’ll be able to:


+ Cultivate and engage your network to raise money for your organization or personal cause

+ Recognize your areas of strength and growth as a fundraiser

+ Confidently apply strategies for effective storytelling and active listening

+ Confidently host fundraising pitch meetings with donors to reach your fundraising goals

Course Syllabus

Module 1 | Role of a Fundraiser

Learn about the key skills of any effective fundraiser

Module 2 | Identify Potential Donors

Begin developing your fundraising plan

Module 3 | Develop Your Fundraising Approach

Understand your unique style to asking donors for funds

Module 4 | Practice Active Listening

Apply the practices of active listening to successfully fundraise

Module 5 | Craft Communication with Donors

Recognize how to effectively respond to questions that donors ask

Module 6 | Build an Effective Fundraising Pitch

Learn each of the 8 steps for an effective fundraising pitch

Module 7 | Prepare to Engage Donors

Prepare to engage donors and craft your funding pitch


“Carrie was clear, concise, and compelling. Fundraising can be scary and overwhelming for most, especially if you’re just getting started. Putting together a list of specific needs, and a method for engaging with prospective investors or donors, removes some of that fear.” 

-Jeff Kirschner, Founder & CEO of Litterati, a global community working to create a litter-free planet


“The exercises were really helpful, and the course helped me clarify how to communicate an effective pitch and create a strategy to approach donors.”

-Summaiya Afreen, Co-founder and Director of Lakshya Jeevan Jagriti, a youth and women’s empowerment social enterprise

Fundraising for Social Impact Digital Course – $399

Looking to learn about fundraising for social impact at your own pace? This option is ideal for learners who are interested in completing the digital course when it’s most helpful for you. All registrants will receive asynchronous feedback (via messages) from an experienced fundraising coach for work completed in the digital course.


Please note that all coursework must be completed within three months of enrollment.

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