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Uplifting others and supporting The Global Good Fund: by ramona wright

I was introduced to Carrie Rich and The Global Good Fund by way of my brother Voltaire Xodus, the founder of WeUp. In 2018, Voltaire invited me to take on the CEO role at WeUp and lead a global marketing tour for our gamified goal achievement platform for social good. The international tour honored high […]

Posted by globalgoodfund on Feb 27, 2022

2022 Fellowship Recruitment

This year’s recruitment for our 2022 Cohort of Global Good Fund Fellows was a huge success. We received more than 1,600 applications from young social entrepreneurs from all over the globe. Our applicant pool was extremely diverse reaffirming that big bold ideas on how to change our world for good are everywhere. We began our […]

Posted by globalgoodfund on Aug 09, 2021

July Alumni + Fellow Highlights

This month we have seen so many of our Fellows and Alumni continue to thrive and succeed. We have many awards and recognitions this month for the amazing impact their ventures are creating. Take a look below at some of the highlights! Sara Potler, Founder + CEO of Move This World, recently spoke with to share […]

Posted by globalgoodfund on Jul 27, 2021

Microsoft + GGF Partnership Update

Launched in January, Microsoft employees participated in The Global Good Fund’s leadership program focused on developing personal leadership growth and social impact mindset in selling. Through the six-month program, participants took a 360 leadership assessment and worked 1:1 with an executive coach. Concluding with a practicum, participants engaged with social entrepreneurs to develop their social […]

Posted by globalgoodfund on Jul 20, 2021

Women’s Giving Circle Highlights

The Women’s Giving Circle (“WGC”) is a collective of women supporting women. Since our inception, The Global Good Fund has aimed to level the playing field for the world’s brightest leaders; helping their ideas become the reality we strive for: a more equitable and just society. WGC members pledge their time, expertise and capital to […]

Posted by globalgoodfund on Jul 09, 2021

Goodwill + GGF Ongoing Partnership

The Global Good Fund is currently working with Goodwill Industries of East Texas in running a 7 month leadership development program for minority small business owners in East Tyler, Texas. Through group coaching and mentoring, participants foster collaboration and peer-to-peer learning while engaging in personal leadership growth. Interspersed throughout the program are several business skills webinars to […]

Posted by globalgoodfund on Jun 28, 2021


In partnership with Microsoft, The Global Good Fund launched a six-month leadership development program for Microsoft employees. The program, which concluded earlier this month, focused on personal leadership growth around social impact mindset and selling. The program consisted of a 360 assessment, 1:1 executive coaching, an Inspiration Panel, and a practicum. The practicum concluded the program […]

Posted by globalgoodfund on Jun 28, 2021


Our Fellows and Alumni have been busy this past month. Our social entrepreneurs continue to find ways to impact more people, create new innovations, and change the status quo. Read the most recent highlights of our Fellows and Alumni below. Rebecca HuiRoots Studio2020 AlumThis past May, Rebecca Hui was highlighted in The Cut as one […]

Posted by globalgoodfund on Jun 25, 2021


On Wednesday, June 16th, GGF’s Program Lead Sandra Waithaka, hosted our 2nd annual Alumni Panel with a live Q+A. The Panel was intended to answer any questions about the Fellowship and to give insights on what the program looks like from people who have gone through it before. Alumni Zak Kaufman of VeraSolutions, Amanat Anand of SoaPen, […]

Posted by globalgoodfund on Jun 17, 2021


The Global Good Fund is pleased to announce our synergistic partnership with Broad Views, a global organization that stands for women who lead and want to create the life, family, workplace, and world they want to live in. Broad Views supports women leaders in many ways. They provide monthly leadership development on targeted topics that […]

Posted by globalgoodfund on Jun 04, 2021